Custom Digital Print leggings Manufacturer

We have over 20 years of experience in producing digital printed leggings/sublimated yoga pants.

We will bring your unique artwork into leggings and bring it alive.

We also have our own designing team to help you design your own artwork.

NDH Digital Printed Leggings Series

All-over Print Leggings are more common in printed leggings production, popular prints include cheetah prints, zebra prints, or camel prints. It sublimated the artwork directly on the fabric.

Placement Print Leggings

Placement Print Leggings stands for the artwork will stay in a certain location of the leggings, ex:  the flower will stay on the left leg thigh area.

Placement print will use more fabrics on digital printing because in order to let the artwork stay in that location more waste will be caused on the digital printing process.

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