Leggings Manufacturing Process

How We Customize Your Leggings

leggings Patterning

Process 1. Patterning

Pattern Engineer finalizing the Patterns in each style and break down the sizes.

In this step. Our pattern engineer will break down the garments into different panels by CAD, building the specific SPEC (size) for each panel based on the provided Techpack.

Process 2. Digital Print

Our Leggings Fabric Cutting Team will use the CAD provided by the Pattern engineer, Re-organize the CAD and minimize the usage of fabric to reduce the cost.

Print out the paper pattern, move the paper pattern to the Cutting Bed of cutting the fabric.

leggings Auto Cutting

Process 3. Auto Cutting

The Auto Cutting Machine is a cutting plotter, specialized computerized machine for two-dimensional cutting fabrics.

Once the computer received the code of how to operate, The Auto cutting machine will follow the programmed route.

Process 4. Sewing

Sewing includes different sewing procedures in the production line. It will be involved with different operators as well as different working stations.

Popular sewing machines include Flat lock sewing machine, 3 needle 5 thread sewing machine etc.

leggings Hem Bonding

Process 5. Hem Bonding

Bonding Technology for styles has specific requirements. Bonding technology is used in a lot brand have fancy designs due to the cost for bonding is higher than sewing.

Bonding machine is also not as common as a regular sewing machine due to the cost.

Process 6. Cup Molding

For Sports Bra, usually, it comes with either a removable pad or molded cup. Removable Cup is easier to operate and more flexible on MOQ but Molded cup usually need higher volumes due to machine settings.

For Sports Bra have molded Cup, We have our own molded machine to mold cups. Give extra support during performance.

leggings Cup Molding

Process 7. Quality Control

Quality Control is really important during production to ensure the products have stable premium quality.

We have both Quality Assurance Team and Quality Control Team to inspect during and after the production is finished.

Process 8. Shipping

Once production is finished and passed final inspection, we follow the packing instruction from customers and pack them individually by styles/ sizing etc.

We will ship the leggings followed by instructions: FOB/DDP etc.

leggings Shipping

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