Executive Team

Joshua Lu

Joshua Lu

Joshua started his career in the textile industry in 1981, He has rich experience in both fabric development and knitting equipment, he founded New Dong Huang in 1999.

Kim Jin

Director of Business
Kim is a trusted team leader with demonstrated excellence in trading, sales, relationship management with clients NDH work with, She has been worked in New Dong Huang for 9 years.

Tori Ma

Head of Sampling
Tori specialized in solving technical difficult problems in knitting garments, she formally worked at Saipan Island, US for 9 years in a local apparel factory, she joined New Dong Huang in 2006.

Jack Wu

Head of Production
Jack has 11 years of experience in New Dong Huang at garment Manufacturing, he has a strong capability of delivering reliable, accountable bulk products to clients on time.

William Lu

Senior Business Development
William is an Industrial Engineer, a problem solver with a passion for a customer-focused solution, identifying and communicating business needs.

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