Custom Color Leggings

Once it comes to custom color. A Panton color code would always be the very first step.

Pantone Code is the industrial standard code for most of the colors. Once the manufacturer gets the color code, we will send it to code along with fabric type to the color dyeing shop for sampling, the color sample is called lab dip.

Once the customer has confirmed the color of the lab dip, the bulk fabric will dye according to the lab dip color.

Be aware, the actual dyeing color will have some sort of tolerance compared to the Panton color on the computer monitor.

Custom Color Leggings MCQ

custom color leggings manufacturer
custom color leggings

The MOQ for color dyeing is called MCQ ( Minimum Color Quantity), if the quantity couldn’t reach MCQ, Dyeing shops will need to dye the fabric in small lot which there will be small lot dyeing fee caused.

Custom color dyeing lead time is usually 30 days.

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