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NDH has over 20 years of Experience in customizing leggings and yoga pants.

You design your own leggings, and we bring your idea into bulk manufacturing.

We offer both ODM/OEM services which we have experienced pattern makers and designers to make your sketch realistic.

Looking for a Reliable Custom Leggings Manufacturer?

Come chat with us! We are one of the TOP Leggings Manufacturer who could help you to make customized leggings in bulk. You could send us the TechPack and the artwork to us so our Pattern Engineers and R&D department will make the sample accordingly. We will recommend related fabrics, Color Scheme, Trims Engineering, Distinctive Hues, sizes into your new collection.

NDH Custom Leggings Series

Custom Workout Leggings

Our Custom workout leggings are available in all the fabrics that you can possibly ask for, it could be sustainable fabric. They can be high-waisted, lightweight, and made with 4 needles 6 threads, flatlock seams,It could achieve ideal fitness results.

Custom Plus Size Leggings

The High Compression plus-size leggings are very elastic and they´re made to feel like a second skin while working out or doing other sports. They can be sweat-wicking with moisture-wicking and buttery soft. It could also be High-Compression to hold in shape.

Custom Yoga Pants

Our yoga pants can be full-length,7/8 length, or Capri. They´re made with non-see-through sustainable fabric. They can be made with interlock seams providing full coverage. It will provide full-stretchiness and support during Yoga exercises.

Custom Kids Leggings

The kid’s leggings are usually made with colorful patterns and they are made with very flexible and comfortable fabric so kids can move freely while they´re wearing them.

Custom Printed Leggings

Custom Printed Leggings could be printed with any artwork, no matter if it’s all over print or placement print, As long as you send us the artwork in AI file we could make the artwork realistic. Digital printed leggings are popular in North America and Latin Region.

Custom Sublimated Leggings

Custom Sublimated Legging are well used in Polyester/ Elastane material. It is cost-effective. The sublimation process could also be recycled. Sublimated Legging could also be performed on Nylon/ Polymaid material as well, but the sublimated process will take longer and cost more.

Custom Panel Leggings

Custom Panel Leggings could be playful, we could add different panels and colors on the leggings connect with 4 needles 6 thread flatlock seam. It could also build in an inner Pocket with Buttery Soft Sustainable fabric.

Custom Laser Cut Leggings

Custom Laser Cut Leggings could customize the laser cutting artwork, it could be classic holes and lines, but it also could cut logos and specific designs. We have 3 Laser cutting machines in the house with different precisions to fulfill any Laser Cutting requirements.

Custom Mesh Leggings

Mesh Color could also be customized to match the body color. The High Compression Push up Mesh Leggings could also add inner mesh in between the waist to make it Tummy Control. Mesh quality also could be 4-way stretched.

Custom Bonded Leggings

Bonded Leggings would definitely be a spotlight among all the collections. We have Framis bonding machine as well as Ultrasonic Machine to make sure each bonded tape stays sharp and perfect. Seamless Bonding will provide ultra comfort sensation with Recycled Fabric.

Custom Sustainable Leggings

We have varieties of choices for Sustainable Leggings, it could be recycled Polyester or Recycled Nylon and even recycled Spandex. We will offer GRS certificates for our Recycled fabric. raw material it will be used from Fishnets, plastic bottles and used garments etc.

Custom Nylon and Spandex Leggings

Nylon is a classic fabric for activewear, we could provide different compositions for your custom Nyon and Spandex Leggings, Nylon fabric will provide a Lightweight and Moisture-wicking feature.

Custom Polyester and Spandex Leggings

Polyester is more cost-effective and it’s popular, brushed/peached polyester and spandex is always a good combo, make it High-waisted Fitness Yoga Pants will maximize the workout performance.

Custom Lycra Leggings

We have been working with Lycra for over a decade, Custom Lycra Legging could use Spandex from Lycra to make sure the fabric is 4-way Stretch and no see-through.

Custom Polyester Nylon Spandex Leggings

For fabric mixed with 3 blends, Polyester,Nylon and Spandex it will have the cotton feel, it’s soft and buttery smooth, all panels will be connected with Interlock seam and 3 needles 5 thread. It could also add 2 side pockets with inner pocket of the leggings.

Custom Full Length Leggings

You could make your custom Full-length leggings with recycled Nylon fabric. The stretch workout out Full-length Yoga Pants would be ideal for workout and casual wear.

Custom 7:8 Leggings

The Custom 7/8 Leggings will be made from Heather fabric with Recycled Polyester, it is four-way stretch with amazing Tummy Control. It feels warm and is also eco-friendly on ankle length.

Custom Capri Leggings

Capri Leggings is also popular, it’s good for gym working out and casual Friday office wear, it is lightweight, Moisture-Wicking, Waist will be sealed with 4-needle 6 threads.

Custom Biker Shorts

Biker shorts made by Recycled Polymaid and spandex it will be the to-go choice, It could also be sublimated through a digital printing machine to put Artworks. It is non- See-through with Flatlock Construction.

Custom Buttery Soft Leggings

Buttery Soft Stands for side brushed or peached, we could offer sustaianble recycled fabric with brushed/ peached effect to make the leggings buttery soft. It feels like the second skin.

Custom Compression Leggings

Interlock Seams High-Compression Leggings are good for certain workout occasions, it will maximize the workout performance with 4 needles 6 thread push-up material.

Custom Color Leggings

Custom colors could be made based on the pantone color code, once we received the nominated Pantone Code we will work on the lab dip and then Bulk fabric order, The manufacturing process of color dyeing could also be recycled.

Custom Logo Leggings

Logos could be customized with different logo styles, for example, the most common ones would be silver reflective and laser logos. We have over 10 different logo styles.

Custom Digital Print Leggings

The Digital printing process is common on Polyester material, It has a quick turnover time. We have Recycled Polyester for digital printing which is good for making custom prints and artworks.

Not Sure Which One Meet Your Needs?

How NDH Custom Your Leggings


1. Idea

Designer get the idea of custom new designs, sketch or use CAD build the rough draft.


2. Techpack

The designer create the Techpack with detailed instructions of garments.

leggings fabric Sourcing

3. Sourcing

Choose the right fabric of making the garment.

size sampling

4. Size Sampling

Make the Sample at R&D department, fit the sizing and finalizing all details before bulk production.

fabric cutting

5. Fabric Cutting

Cut the fabric into panels from bulk fabric with Auto-Cutting Machine.


6. Sewing

Sew the completed garments from Panels at the production line.

Quality Control

7. Quality Control

QC control to inspect if there are any defects during production.


8. Packaging

Pack garments according to packing instructions.

leggings Shipping

9. Shipping

Ship the complete carton boxes to customers.

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